balloon delivery

Balloon Delivery

Are you having a hard time deciding which balloons to get for your next party? Choosing the right balloon can be a vital part when decorating as it plays a massive role in making a fun and inviting atmosphere. Besides, balloons can make excellent party decorations to impress all your guests!

Most of us know the difference between helium-filled and air-filled balloons – one floats, and one doesn’t. Helium is lighter than air; this is why helium-filled balloons rise. It is possible to fill both latex and foil balloons with helium, and they both come in many different shapes, sizes, and color. With that being said, here are a few factors you can consider before your purchase at a party shop.

Lasting power

One important factor to consider is how long the balloons will last. Generally, latex balloons filled with helium can last for 7 to 8 hours. Foiled balloons filled with helium can stay afloat for about 2 to 3 days. This is provided you keep them indoors, away from the sun. Heat can increase the rate at which helium escapes from the balloon.

On the other hand, air-filled balloons generally have a longer life compared to helium-filled balloons. Sometimes they can even last for several weeks! This is because the helium molecules are very small and can easily escape the balloon material. 


Balloons filled with helium are more expensive compared to those filled with air. If you are planning a party that requires a large number of balloons, you must take this into consideration. Helium balloons are attractive and provide more entertainment for children, but air-filled balloons can also look great when taped to ceilings or trees. There are many ways to decorate air-filled balloons such as making wall art, or creating a balloon flower. Choose the balloons that fit in your budget!

If you do prefer helium balloons for your large party, you can consider getting a helium pump to fill in balloons yourself, as those that come pre-filled are generally costlier.


Both types of balloons can be customized and have written messages or graphics on them. However, while foil balloons filled with helium can come in unique shapes such as Unicorn, dinosaurs, animals, and characters, there are limitations when it comes to air-filled latex balloons. If you are looking for a unique and interesting character balloon to impress others at your child’s birthday party, foiled balloons filled with helium is the way to go!


Foil balloons filled with helium can be refilled once they start to deflate, but this requires a helium tank. It might require you to head down to a balloon shop unless you have one at your party. While air-filled latex balloons can be refilled on your own, foil balloons cannot once they are inflated and sealed. Overall, this depends on which type of balloons you prefer!


Knowing the venue, time, and occasion can help you decide on which balloons to choose. While helium-filled and air-filled balloons have their own advantages and dis-advantages, they both can be made perfect for any party! Whether you are hosting a birthday party, celebrating your anniversary, or sending a get-well-soon message, Fancy Hobbies has balloons to match them all! We provide the best quality balloon decorations that will surely impress you. Feel free to check us out!